Powering the gadgets

Exposure Revo light

So when you do any big trip one of the big things these days is keeping your gadgets charged, especially if you aren’t going near mains electricity at all. Camera, phone, GoPro, GPS, as well as lights all need powering and recharging. The dynamo hub is great for this job, but some extra electronics is required to give you a USB output to charge your stuff too.

So this is my set up, some off the shelf, some Jimbo made! But it all does the job and I’m now self sufficient for the Tour Divide.

SP dynamo PD8-X dynamo hub

So, starting with the hub, I have the SP 8X hub, I’ve got this on all my bikes as I’m totally sold on dynamo lights now! You can run the e-werk cable and the Revo light cable together down to the plug, but I decided to make a switch box so that I could turn them on and off independently. So I took a trip to Maplin and came home with a small plastic enclosure some switches and some terminals.

Been making making a dynamo / charger switch box this afternoon #bikepacking #TourDivide #diy #electronics #dynamo #charger
Been making making a dynamo / charger switch box this afternoon #bikepacking #TourDivide #diy #electronics #dynamo #charger
Been making making a dynamo / charger switch box this afternoon #bikepacking #TourDivide #diy #electronics #dynamo #charger

SO the box has two switches, one goes to the E-werk, the other to the Exposure Lights Revo.

Home made switch box

The Revo light is great, small, light and bright and the exposure red eye rear light plugs into the back of it.

Exposure Revo dynamo light
Exposure Revo dynamo light
Exposure red eye rear light

The Busch & Muller E-werk puts out a variety of voltages and currents, I have it set to a USB output, that way it will charge all my stuff. The output of the E-werk goes into a cache battery which provides a stable output so that you can charge the GPS while riding without it dropping in and out as you speed up and slow down. You can also either plug an additional power bank or your other gadgets in.

Busch and muller e-werk
busch and muller cache battery
Garmin on charge from B & M e-werk

So here’s a diagram of how it is all wired.

Dynamo wiring diagram

So all the gear is falling into place, and there’s only sixty five days to go!!!

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