Tour Divide Diary Day 26 – 20/07/16 – The Tourist Bit!

Jim & Tom Tour Divide

Tour Divide Diary Day 26

We had decided that the previous day would be our last on the trail. We knew that we could get a car in Butte and after a lot of searching it appeared the next place where there would be an opportunity was Steamboat Springs in Colorado. Working on our recent mileage per day and the amount of time we had left it was just not an option to continue.

We took the day to relax, the bikes were stripped of all the bags and we headed into Butte for breakfast. We visited some of the shops that the UK doesn’t have. Walmart was about six times the size of our nearest large supermarket at home. It must be nice to get your weekly shop and also pick up any guns, knives or crossbows you need as well.

Day 26 on the trail
Train by Butte Civic Centre

Butte airport has all the car hire places in it so I went in to see Hertz, Avis and Budget. Amazingly none of them had any cars so it was back outside and down the road to see Enterprise.

Enterprise decided to charge an extra three hundred dollars for a one way trip to Phoenix, meaning the car bill was almost a thousand bucks, EEK!! This also meant that we could treat the rest of the trip as a holiday and we decided that we would also visit Yellowstone, ride the Moab Slickrock and visit the Grand Canyon.

We spent the evening chatting with Sarah and Jordan again, they were very interested to hear about house prices in the UK it was amazing comparing them to Butte. We also had yet another discussion about gun control. Jordan was a hunter too and used his kills to supplement the family’s food over the winter.

Jordan offered to take us shooting in the morning and he had something somewhat more meaty than we had used back in Helena we took him up on the offer. We retired to our tent and it was still 26ÂșC at eleven in the evening, a hot night.