Tour Divide / bikepacking tool kit

Jim & Tom Tour Divide

I thought I’d give a breakdown of my bikepacking toolkit. This is the full set up I took for the Tour Divide, so in reality there may be a little more there than you would use for a couple of days riding round Wales, but in the end I had to know that I could keep both my bike and Tom’s bike rolling in the most remote country possible.

As luck would have it I only had to crack the bottle open once, when Tom slashed a tyre when we were having a ‘day off’ and riding the trails in Helena with no bags on our bikes. He got a bit over exuberant and ploughed through a rock garden, which is not the best idea on a rigid bike. We ended up having to hurriedly plug the tyre and get it reinflated in an area with mountain lion warning signs, one of the quickest fixes ever!!

Day 25 on the trail

So as you can see from the picture above the tools were attached under downtube in a gorilla cage, everything except the pump and spare tube was squeezed into the 1 litre plastic bottle. Also invisible in the photo are the spare spokes. We each had two spare spokes and nipples of each length, wrapped in bubble wrap stuck up the inside of our seatposts held in by a Prosecco cork handily provided by the ladies of the family!

So here is the full kit laid out.

Tour Divide tool kit overall

So left to right equipment is as follows:

Top row: Park self adhesive tyre boots, half a toothbrush for chain cleaning, bottle of Stan’s sealant, Topeak digital pressure gauge (this is was for my benefit, the plus bike is very sensitive to getting the pressures right for all day comfort), spare 29er inner tube (Tom carried his own).

Second row: spare through axle nut for my Travers rear axle, Lezyne mini pump with duck tape wrapped round handle for any emergency tyre or bag repairs.

Third row: 2 spare gear cable inners, Park multi tool, Shimano HTII preload nut adjuster, cassette lockring cracking tool modified to work with through axles, tubeless repair strips and tool.

Tour Divide toolkit closeup 2

Fourth row: 2 spare brake cable inners (both our bikes were running cable operated brakes), spare mech hangers for my Travers and Tom’s Trek, puncture repair kit with lots of patches, 4 pairs of brake pads (Tom and I were both running Tektro Spyke brakes which take Shimano Deore pattern pads).

Fifth row: Park chain tool, bag containing: spare quick links for my and Tom’s bikes (I was 11 sp XT, he was 10 sp SRAM), a few spare chain links each, 2 spare tubeless valves, 1 pair of spare Shimano SPD cleats. 3 zip ties.

Sixth row: 1 pair of pedal toe straps.

Tour Divide toolkit closeup 1

So as you often read in bikepacking articles this kit subscribes to the “pack your fears” school of thought, at the end of the day there was no way I was going to take Tom deep into remote backcountry and not have a good chance of solving any problems we may have. You probably don’t need all this stuff just for a night or even a weekend away, but now I have it all it’s easy enough just to stick the bottle onto the bike and I know I’m good to go.

Hopefully this will prove useful, if you have any other suggestions or favourite tools you like to take out with you why not post a comment below and we may get some useful tips too.

As I have said on other Tour Divide posts we were raising money for Cancer Research on this trip and I’ve kept the page open going forward, so if you’ve found this information useful then why not make a donation to a great cause? Click here