Worthing to Newquay 2020

view across to salisbury plain

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Day 3 started somewhere on the Marlborough Downs, we crawled out of the small and incredibly bumpy patch of woodland we’d crashed in for the night. What with the 100 miles plus the day before I definitely slept soundly! Yet again we couldn’t really be bothered to actually cook breakfast, so we headed off with rumbling stomachs. The vale between the Marlborough Downs and Salisbury Plain was full of mist and we shivered our way across, but by the time we were on top of the plain the sun was out and we enjoyed the easy progress along the military gravel roads, with only the occasional bursts of gunfire from within to keep us on our toes!

Breakfast was in Warminster then we headed off for a decent length off-road section towards Wells. There had obviously been some heavy rain and there were so really muddy sections and as stomachs were rumbling yet again we left the bridleways at Longcross and enjoyed the rip roaring road descent to Wells, easily outpacing the traffic on the twisty single lane road, good times 😀

After a speculative phone call to Chris’s dad we secured a place to sleep for the night in his garage so set our targets on Hambridge for the night, just like last year after Glastonbury the Somerset Levels proved to be a windy hell, but Chris kept the pedal to the metal and after another twelve hours in the saddle and another 81 miles we settled down to very welcome beer and pizza….

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