Worthing to Newquay 2020

view across to salisbury plain

day 4 stats day 4 map

Day 4 started with me saying to Chris “use Komoot to get me to breakfast in Taunton”, well he set it to MTB, not gravel and the first section was shall we say challenging!

A so called bridleway near Wrantage

However once I got some food in my belly all was good with the world again. We had a great mix of lanes and bridleways and some time mid afternoon we got caught in a monster downpour. As is usually the way we stopped to put on our waterproofs and as soon as we did the rain stopped too. At the junction we were stood at we had a look at the weather app and decided that as bad weather was forecast we would nip down the road to Exeter in stead and spend the night somewhere near there rather than on Dartmoor.

A quick stop for cream teas en route and we made it to Exeter for beer and chips before riding off down the Exe towards the sea with the hope of camping somewhere. Dusk was falling and potential camping spots were thin on the ground, we did the usual and checked the OS Maps app for suitable blocks of woodland and having identified a target we waited for darkness and ducked over a fence to find our camp spot.

Cream Tea Refreshments at Exeter Countess Wear