King Alfred’s Way

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So it was great to get to do the whole thing. It was certainly better on dry trails than it had been in December! That said plenty of people have done it in worse conditions, but hey, it’s supposed to be fun right?

The best bike? Well, the one you have. The Mason ISO is great because it has big tyres and still has the speed of a gravel bike, that said Daryl was on a Surly Karate Monkey MTB and that was just fine too. I guess from my perspective I’m not sure I’d want to do it on a true gravel bike with say a 700c x 42 tyre. I think the Ridgeway section would be just too bumpy for my knackered back.

King Alfred's Way - April 2021

There’s certainly plenty of places to tuck yourself away if you want to wild camp and equally plenty of towns with B&B’s and hotels if you don’t.

Check out Cycling UK’s web site for details on the route and get yourself the guide book when it is available as it is very handy for planning.

Cycling UK

Finally sit back and enjoy our video, it captures the spirit of the trip very well.