Trans Cambrian Way

Trans Cambrian Way


The promised rain arrived on time and it said we were due heavy rain with the chance of thunder and lightning. Just what you want then when you about to ride over a mountain!

So we said our goodbyes to Darren and Sarah and then headed out into the gloom. There was a section of trail I’d seen on a video that looked pretty challenging and as we hadn’t run across it up to this point I knew it would be happening today.

As is always the way this is the point at which the heavy rain decided it would appear, right at the same time we got to the harder trail! So we got fully waterproofed up and got on with it. It was raining so hard there were no photos from today, there was just no point. But we still got video, so take a look at that for day three’s trails.

What followed was a really long descent and the rain got harder and harder. As the forecast for the following day was even worse we decided we’d cut our losses and head for home.

We got back to Machynlleth like a bunch of drowned rats and got changed pretty quickly. It was still early as the last part hadn’t taken too long, so we got underway opting to go slightly more cross country as the motorways looked pretty busy.

Another successful trip in a beautiful part of the world, I totally recommend you get out there and try this one, it was a lot of fun!